Hi there! My name is Diana, I am a university student in Canada, majoring in Communications and Political Science. I am adventurous and always looking to try new things and meet new people. I enjoy things such as beauty, and lifestyle. Studying politics connects to philosophy, and it gets me thinking, so I enjoy posting about my life experiences and sharing them with you all, and getting your personal input as well. On the more creative side, I love exploring and testing out new makeup products and clothing, and finding out which works best for me, and share my honest opinion on my experience using them and how it has helped me. Putting together lifestyle and makeup/fashion is one of my passions that I hope I can use to inspire you all, with the use of this blog.


There’s nothing more that I enjoy than dressing up and having fun with different styles and makeup, therefore writing about it adds to it and I can share my likes with the rest of the young women out there who share a passion for style just like me ! I am just starting out this blog as it seems like a good outlet to really share products and ideas with the rest of the world. I am constantly growing and changing and will post as much as I can and have time to. I am looking forward to the blogger experience, and meeting new people and sharing ideas through the mediation of online communication.


For business enquiries: everdayessentialsbusiness@gmail.com


Thanks! Looking forward to the blogging experience!