Coconut oil. Its the new craze, super hype product most beauty bloggers use and rave about. Well after using coconut oil for some time now, I can share with you how it works for me, and it really does work well. There are multiple ways you can incorporate coconut oil in your life, eat it, put it on your body and hair. It is a natural product and has multiple health benefits such as healthy fats and oils, promotes heart health, and is great for your skin. Below I will share what I use coconut oil for and ways in which it has helped me over time.


  1. ACNE TREATMENT: After doing a face mask and cleaning my skin, I dab on coconut oil on my acne spots, such as red spots or those areas in which my skin is prone to acne. Surprisingly not only does the coconut oil moisturize my skin in dry areas, but it seems to act as a toner in areas where my pores are visible and reduces inflammation in areas of acne.
  2. MOISTURIZER FOR BODY: After a shower, skip the moisturizer thats full of chemicals and use the natural coconut oil. It will heal your dry skin.
  3. HAIR MASK: Use this in the shower after shampooing, leave it in for 5 mins and then wash it out. It will leave your hair smoother and fuller.
  4. MAKEUP REMOVER: Coconut oil is great to clean your full face of makeup.
  5. LIP BALM: Works wonderful in moisturizing dry lips.

What do you use coconut oil for?


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