Fall Wedding – Simple Makeup, Hair, Dress

Fall is the season for weddings and love. Nothing like a Saturday evening spent with friends eating, drinking and dancing, and celebrating love. This weekend I have attended a beautiful cocktail wedding, and spent time with good people. Below I will show you my hair, make-up and dress that I wore as a bridesmaid, purchased from David’s Bridal.



For my hair I used a flat iron to curl it, then pinned it to one side to get a chic but formal look. I used some Got 2 b hairspray to keep it all together, and it took about 10 mins to complete. Depending on how thick your hair is it may take longer to curl, but this hair style is simple for most girls with medium length hair. 14302976_1254781571239517_1670387653_n


Make- up

For makeup I did my basic everyday makeup and added a darker brown colour in the crease of my eyelids. Mascara, eyeliner, and bronzer were all used in this look. You can read about my night out makeup look on my older blog posts. The lipgloss I used was by Tarte Butter Lipstick – can be found at Sephora. My jewellery is a Swarovski necklace and stud diamond earrings. Kept it simple.






The dress I wore is stunning dark purple maxi dress, purchased from David’s Bridal. It is long so I can sneak in wearing sandals rather than heels and be comfortable!


Overall the night was fun full of dancing and laughing. Had a  great time and hope this look inspired some of you ladies!






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