Happy Monday! I thought I would start the day with some of my favourite perfumes, as perfume is one of the best beauty products that you can explore with and try out. Here are some of my all time faves that I enjoy wearing and are quite affordable. Little secret on where I purchase some perfumes for a cheaper cost: – It has discounted perfumes online only. Check it out.





This scent is one of my all time favourites. It works great when going out since it is a sexy yet sweet smell. It is very sophisticated but also classy and can be worn to formal events. This scent is strong in the sense that it has a sharp sexy smell. I recommend wearing this at a night out or formal events, as it less of a sweet smell and more of a sexy smell that is best for big events.



This is another one of my favourites, (as all these perfumes that I will be sharing are), and it is also a sexy smell as the Versace. This one does not have a sweet side to it, it is more of a sharp clean and fresh scent. It has a strong sophisticated scent as well, a more powdery and floral scent that is very sexy as well. I prefer to wear more sharper sexier scents than floral, as it makes you come off more confident in my opinion. This scent is good for work and a night out, and perfect for a date night as it has an alluring mysterious scent to it.




Juicy couture never fails to have the greatest smelling perfumes. This one is currently my favourite of theirs, as it is a very sweet and fun smell. This is perfect for daily wear and it smells fantastic if you are one for sweet sugar smells. It lasts very long and I always get compliments that I smell good, with people asking me what it is that I am wearing. This is a great everyday smell.


What are your favourite perfumes, and did you try any of these ones? What perfumes should I try out next (as I am almost on the empty side of these ones)?


Have a great day!

Thank you!!

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