Good morning ladies! Today is a great day as I went shopping and purchased some goodies yesterday. I decided to make a review on some of the products I purchased, as I am currently loving them all.


1. Sephora Collection – Radiant Luminizing Drops

This highlighter has a bronze glow, and is liquid consistency with some sparkle. It is great for going out and using as a highlighter on your cheekbones. All you need is a few drops and then using your finger you can rub it onto whatever part of your face to get a nice glow.  It is not sticky and goes on your skin smoothly.


2. Dry Shampoo – Verb

This dry shampoo works wonders – and adds volume to your hair. It does not have a strong scent and it is easy to apply. There is no reason to use alot of it, a little goes a long way. After applying it to your scalp let it sit for 2-3 mins, then rub it into your scalp.



3. Coconut Oil – Skinny Co.

As I stated in my Skin care routine, this coconut oil is amazing and also a little goes a long way. It is good for your face and even your body. It has a natural scent of coconut and does not stay sticky and oily, as you apply it to your skin it seeps into it and leaves your skin feeling soft without the grease. Just dip your fingers into the pot and then apply it onto your skin.


4. Bralette – Monerey Bralette

This braille from is amazing. The colour is a nude pink and the material is soft, it is a mixture of rayon and cotton. It works great under a tank top that shows the bra, or even for a night in you can wear this bra with some shorts, as it can be pulled off as a cute crop top. I love the natural colours and it makes you look very tan, if that’s a look you’re going for.



Thanks for reading ! What did you think about my haul? Will you try these products?


Thank you !

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