Hi ladies! We all love our faces and ensure to make it look good at all times, without impurities. Our faces are important to care for. Here is my routine to get blemish free healthy clean skin. I use these products but also make sure to drink alot of water and eat a balance of healthy meals, because what we out coms up on our skin as well.

Here is my skin routine:

  1. Cleanser

I simply use clean and clear facial wash with the little pink face massage sponge. These two together get into my poor and deep clean my face. The pink sponge can be found at Sephora or any drugstore, and I highly recommend it. It is better than using your bare hands, as the little rubber stubbles put some pressure on your skin and reach the deep areas of your skin where your hands cannot.


2. Moisturizer – Coconut Oil

I recently purchased this coconut oil from Sephora and am in love. I do not use moisturizer on my skin as I already have oily skin, but this coconut oil is great for giving your skin a gentle touch of moisture, especially in winter. I dip my finger in and then rub just a drop all over my face, and it works wonders. It clears red spots and lightly moisturizes your skin, giving you a glow. It can also be used all over your body, if you prefer.



Read the blog post above to get some insider on my facial scrub of choice, that I use 3 times a week.


OVERALL, I love to keep my facial routine as simple as possible, as chemicals are not good for your body and skin, as it ages you and contains toxins.

What did you think of this post? What products do you use for your skin?




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