Hi everyone! Just like all of us, I get stressed out sometimes and need to find ways to stay calm. I am busy with work school and relationships in my life, so sometimes things can get overwhelming and it is important to relax. I am big into natural products and I believe the earth and its nature is the best cure for us as humans. I came across a website called: They have small pipes in which  you inhale natural aromas and exhale it through your nose. Thy have natural ingredients containing no tobacco or nicotine. It is strictly natural oils in which they are said to change your mood. It is a form of aromatherapy.


I purchased the Monq “Zen” as they have other types with different types of moods such as happy, sexy, and sleepy, to name a few. I just received it yesterday for 20.00$ USD and tried it immediately. It takes 2-3 puffs and it honestly makes you feel more calm if you have anxiety it can calm it down as you are having a panic attack. Although it is not a cure, it is a natural aid that can be used when in a stressful situation. I believe this Monq truly does help and it keeps me calm. It may not work for everyone, but for me personally it has. You can use it 2 to 3 times a day, I used it in the morning and at night before going to bed and it has calmed me down.



You can check out their website here: Monq Therapeutic Air


Truly a life changing way of staying natural and adjusting your mood.


Did you try this product? What did you think? Are you going to give it a shot?



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