OOTN – Teal Fun and Flirty: Topshop, Aldo

Hey ladies! I am posting my very first fashion post which I am so excited about. This outfit is what I wore to a club at my friend’s birthday, and I got so many compliments on it! I felt like sharing it with you all would be fun, and getting some feedback would be appreciated on how you all feel about this outfit! How often do we make last minute plans and can’t think of something to wear? This outfit is simple and classy, and is easy to put together. Any top with a black pencil skirt and heels can immediately be transformed into a night out look. Also adding a statement necklace makes it more unique. This is simple and affordable for those who want to look fashionable on a budget, and can be paired with different shoes to be made into a casual outfit.




Tank top: Topshop 



Skirt: Guess pencil skirt



Heels: Aldo


Since there are now sold out, here are a different style but similar to my strappy black heels:


Also I am wearing a statement necklace from Forever 21 and a flash tattoo that I bought from Forever 21.


This outfit is simple and affordable yet looks classy and fun, and is great for a ladies night out!


What did you think of this outfit, and what other ideas do you have to making this outfit even more fun or what else can I pair with it to make it different?


Thank you!

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