Life happens to all of us. We all have times where all we need is to take a break and relax. Some find it harder to do so, and some find it easier. Either way, relaxing is needed in life, especially after we get burnt out, and come to a point where we no longer feel like ourselves. Taking care of our mind body and soul is key. Balance is everything in order to live a happy and healthy life. Here are 6 simple ways I personally find help me when I am in need of relaxation.


  1. Light a Candlebath-and-body-works-bakeshop-candles-2.jpg

The fall  scents of bath and body works candles are the best. The warm scents remind me of sitting by a fire with friends and family as it snows outside. It reminds me of being warm and cozy, which brings peace to my mind. Also, research has it that aroma therapy truly works, and can correlate with your thoughts therefore making you feel a sense of calm after associating a smell with a particular calming event. Bath and body works always has affordable deals on a vast selection of candles, from warm scents to sweet scents, when lit up, give a strong smell in your room.

2. Drink a cup of tea


Teavana is my favourite location of teas. They have a large selection of fresh teas that can be used to make iced tea or regular tea. Tea is extremely healthy and an aromatic beverage that also has calming effects on the body. Sipping a glass of warm tea immediately has calming affects, and the infused fruits and plants are a bonus to your overall health.


3. Magnesium Oil


I am no doctor, but with my research I discovered the importance of magnesium. When our bodies are tense it could be a sign of lack of magnesium. Magnesium aids in the muscle recovery and is essential for keeping them healthy. When we do not eat enough foods with magnesium – nuts, greens and proteins, it can affect our body’s stress. When we are stressed and our body feels stiff, magnesium oil is a quick fix. Rubbing some on the part of your body where you feel tense can immediately reverse the affects and give you a calm feeling.




I cannot stress this enough, sleep is key to your overall health. When we lack sleep, it affects all areas of our lives. We must ensure to get a proper sleep every night before taking on the day ahead of us. Sometimes we check our smartphones and watch Netflix, but it is important to let go of those things an hour before going to bed – at the least, to tell our body that its time to relax and get ready to sleep. Nothing is more important than a healthy sleep.



Check out headspace on the App store, its an app that guides you in a 10 minute mediation. I was skeptical about mediation and spirituality but as I began trying it, it does help. Whats more important than self growth and figuring out your true identity and the root of your problems? Thats where mediation comes into play, it helps alot with organizing your thought and clearing your mind of all the unnecessary noise. If you don’t want to use this app, try going on Youtube and searching for guided mediations, they truly help quiet your mind down.



Last but not least, the obvious exercise. We get lost with our lives that we forget to stop everything and give our bodies the time it needs. Give it energy by exercising. Exercise in the long run helps so much with our physical and mental health. Even a quick 15 minute walk can make the world a difference. When you’re busy and don’t have time to exercise, go outside and do some easy workouts, I promise, it will help you.


What are your ways of relaxing? I know we are all busy, so lets work together and share our ways of relaxation and health care.


Thanks ladies!

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