Who doesn’t love getting a good deal on makeup, and get it shipped fast to their home?




Cheap and effective makeup? I’ll take it. 88 colours for only $12.99. Excuse me? Did I hear that correctly? Yep. I recently heard about BH cosmetics on youtube and Instagram, lots of people seem to be using the products so I checked out their website. I saw that there are plenty of makeup products for such an affordable cost! It was too good to be true. I noticed the palette above and had to get my hands on it since it is such a good price for such a vast amount of colours. I prefer the nude shades so this one was most appealing to me. I purchased it and the shipment came in less than a week, so bonus points to that.


I used the eye colours and to be honest they are very pigmented, the only issue is that the eyeshadow has a chalky finish, so it is a must to wear primer before applying this eye shadow. For the cost, it is a great product and the colours are great and can be used for many occasions. So far, you do get what you paid for, even a little more with the pigmentation, and I am going to continue trying their products since they are a good deal (student life), and are decent quality for what you pay for.

Purchase here:


Next, the “Forever Aqua Gloss Nude” is one of the best products, not even exaggerating. It is the equivalent to the Kylie Lip kit lip glosses. It is a thick and pigmented consistency and lasts on your lips throughout the night. I tried it on a night out and got so many compliments from people, and it shows up well on photos as well. The cost was only $6.00 so I had to get my hands on it. I highly recommend this product if you’re looking for long lasting pigmented neutral tones for your lips, it is worth much more than the cost.

You can purchase this here:


Personally as a student that looks for deals, BH cosmetics is something I will be definitely visiting weekly to check out new products and see what else there is, as the cost and product quality is too good to pass up.

Have you tried BH cosmetics? If so what products and what did you think? Should I continue to purchase from the website and try other makeup products? Let me know!

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