Hey ladies, most of us students and young adults usually look for an affordable but effective facial scrub. I came across the lush “Let the good times roll” facial and body scrub. I fell in love with the smell, it smells exactly like cookie dough, and cannot get enough of it. I have been using this facial scrub for a year now. You can even use it as a body scrub if you wish.

Not only does it smell delicious, it works so well. I use it three times a week after a shower when  my skin has been somewhat softened by the warm water, so that the scrub can deeply get into my skin and reach all the impurities. I have combination skin so its oily in the t-zone area and dry every where else. This scrub has helped with getting rid of blemishes and deeply goes into my pores and reduces black heads as well. Not only this, but after I apply it, scrub and wash it off, it leaves my skin smelling like cookies and it is moisturized and smooth. It’s like a two in one facial scrub and moisturizer.

Overall lush has great products since they are made from natural ingredients and have no added chemicals. Lush products as made by one specific person – as it states on the pot itself, and lasts a while. I highly recommend this product for those who have combination skin and do not want to spend a lot of money on a facial scrub.


You can check out the product here:,en_CA,pd.html


What is your favourite facial scrub? Any other suggestions? Have you used this product, if so what do you think about it?



Thanks everyone!


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