Life. It throws things at you. You get stuck in situations that are not ideal for you. These past few months have been a roller coaster ride, and finally everything is settling down and I am able to connect with my thoughts and feelings about things. Life throws things at you when you least expect it to, whether it is a good or bad thing, you will have to adapt to the situation and make the most of it. Life will always throw things at you and you will have to have the strength to change your thoughts and let go of some things. I am a control freak and want everything to go my way, and when I feel like things are not in perfect order, I feel stressed and get major anxiety.


I realized this is a part of growing up. Change is inevitable, and everyone has a different way of responding to it. For example; starting a new full time job after university is so hard to adapt to, as everyone says it is hard, I didn’t realize until I experienced it for myself. I learned that everyone can tell you how an experience may be, but only you have the ability to feel it for yourself, through experience. I am not saying that this is a bad thing, but it can be so hard for some people. I learned that change is essential to grow as a human being. We cannot be stuck in the same routine and expect to grow stronger from that. The universe gives us things and we must adapt to it, since life does not wait for anyone. We must look at it positively, as that is the only way to make the best of it. Although we appreciate comfortable moments and having things go our way, it is important to learn to change small thing in our life to better adapt to new change.


We cannot compare ourselves to others and let that get to us. we must continue to grow as much as we can and make the best of the moment. We can’t dwell on the past, as cliche as that sounds, it is important to live in the moment and look forward. We can look at the past and be grateful for the experiences we had, but remember that in this moment we have the opportunity and are lucky enough to experience and live in the now. Time is just an illusion and life is occurring right now, so we must do our best to live in the moment and make it the best that we can, even if we currently feel like we are wasting time and doing what we don’t want to, it is just a piece of our journey that once we complete it, will help us grow as a person. Its easy to feel bad for yourself and wish to have things how they used to be, but it is important – for our self growth to appreciate the moment and find ways that we can step outside the box and make the best of it in the moment, whether that means helping someone else or doing something for ourselves. Of course if something is making you unhappy to the point it is truly affecting your health, it is important to talk to someone and find ways that you can mediate something that will benefit both parties.

In the end taking a break, relaxing and meditating to focus in on your thoughts and getting to the root problem, is the best way to overcome bing stuck in a place that feels like a continuous black hole. Find ways to overcome these problems by making the best of it, whether its reading a book, mediation, or catching up with old friends.

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