Go to school get good grades, pay attention and work hard, and you’ll  get a good job to pay off bills and sustain yourself in life. Remember hearing this in multiple different ways, by many “influential” and helpful people in our lives? Our parents, our teachers, aunts, uncles, older siblings, etc. I’m here to discuss this, as I am currently a fourth year university student, with one more year left and do not know what my career path is going to be. In high school I enjoyed playing outside and being with friends, doing things at my own time. Near the end of high school and all through university I tried my best, joined clubs, tried to manage my time, and cut back from things that are “time consuming” in order to focus on my grades and be at my highest production level when studying.


Fast forward to now, my last summer of University. I’m studying the major I truly enjoy, Communications and minor in Political Science. I got used to studying, keeping a calendar and going to my classes in order to maintain my grades. I usually work part-time at retail, handling customers and gaining product knowledge.


This summer is the first summer I got the opportunity to experience a summer office job, working 8 hours a day – in front of a computer. It was all I ever wanted – I’ve been applying to jobs since January, edited my resume to make it look as professional as a I can, spoke to past co-workres to use them as my best references and bam I got the job! Little did I know how much I would hate it.


All that studying, hard work and dedication for what? nothing. I am not even exaggerating. Although this is my first full time office job and I must begin somewhere, I still get a sense of what office jobs are like no matter how high up you are.


Let me explain to you my personal expectations from the start. At an office job I assumed you would come in every morning, everyone is happy and excited sipping on their mugs of coffee in a cute decorated office with great music playing. I imagined having daily or weekly goals and projects to work on with team members and sharing of ideas with one another to benefit the company. I imigiaged growing and feeling like yu are growing day by day as you work with professionals and commit to giving great service to those you worked for. I imagined eating whenever you want, taking a break when you want and dressing cute and looking great.



Reality hits you hard. Not that some of the above is not accurate, you do get to eat whenever you want and can dress cute – but its not the high light. I realized that working 9-5 is not about dressing cute and having the freedom to do things when you want and to collaborate and share great ideas with others. Although you get to dress how you want and eat when you want it doesn’t matter. You are still contained in a small grey office with a desk and a computer, and you only have a limited amount of things to do. I thought it would be great or relaxing, but as a creative person myself, it is seriously depressing. I work on the phones and answer emails and do little things like fax and call people for o theres in the office. I do little things for others, its simple and I’m not complaining a very chill job but as a student studying communications it is not for me. I am the kind of person that needs to share my ideas and be around people, i realize that sitting all day is also extremely gruesome.


I really dislike working for others on the clock and not having a chance to sit down and get lost in my thoughts. At least I can read business insider or Huffington post when I get the chance – thats as much freedom as I get. 9-5 is  great for some people, but some people with creative minds like me cannot take it, i get stressed out just sitting there repeating the same things for 8 hours straight.


Overall I appreciate that I got this opportunity to see what its like but I am happy now that I realized that it is not for me. I hope the world breaks the barriers where people are treated like dogs in a dog kettle and are to sit in a grey room repeating the same thing. How are people supposed to change and grow and contribute to society in a place like this? I wish for the future generations to break the barriers of going to school and getting locked into the ” American dream” to pay bills and die.


12 thoughts on “THE HUSTLE

  1. Ean Weichsel

    I like especially the the ending paragraphs: “where people are treated like dogs in a dog kettle…”. What you describe is how I felt when I was doing office jobs for a few months.


      • d567x

        Unfortunately this article is my reality now. Hoping to change it as I finish school ! Wow that sounds amazing, let me know if you have any tips on where to begin with self-employment!

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      • Ean Weichsel

        I would begin by writing out (with a pen on paper) what you dont like about your current work situation and how you would like it to be (be specific). Project into the future and see yourself in a few years..both in a negative way, working a job you hate and then in a positive way, being happy and fulfilled doing work you love. Notice how it makes you feel. Write down how you would like to work and live in detail. The more often and clear you write it and look at it the better. Put it up on your wall or desk once it’s clear and feels right.
        On the concrete side: ask people who know you what you’re good at. Find out how you could bring value to other people’s lives. Money comes from having something people need and want, making them know that you have it and then delivering it to them. Find what you’re good and what you enjoy doing and what people like and need. See where those 3 intersect. Enjoy 🙂

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  2. Alana

    This is so true and my number one fear. Like you I have to be in an environment that’s vibrant, busy and full of things to learn. I always thought I wanted to go into journalism until I saw what many of those jobs involved, sitting a desks all day and every day. That’s why I often feel the best thing to do is create something yourself, but even that’s a luxury and really hard to make a living out of! I’m at uni too so I totally understand where you’re coming from 😦


  3. Jeffery W

    This is an awesome post and the topic you posted about is just one of the reasons I starting posting today. It’s hard to figure out where to go or what to do when you have gotten an office job. The part you mentioned “I wish for the future generations to break the barriers of going to school and getting locked into the ” American dream” to pay bills and die.” This is how I feel too because I do not see the true, or any, value in what I am doing now. I have started new projects and programs to help further the growth of my subordinates. But every time I begin to gain traction and the project/program starts to spread…boom, I am relocated to a different place and new organization just to start over from scratch. It is tiring, don’t get me wrong. Even thinking about it makes me tired now. But I have grown to love the change because I have gotten used to hustling and grinding everything out.

    Long story short, I now have my own work section within my current organization and can pretty much do what I feel like when I feel like it. So hang in there and do not be afraid to step up and accept challenges that push you to be better. Just having the office job and nothing else at work will make you days long and “painful” to deal with.

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