Life is a roller coaster. There are ups and downs. Life rarely goes as planned, so why not just live in the moment and change your mindset to the glass half full. I am a firm believer in everything happening for a reason. I feel like as much as we love to be organized and plan out our weeks or our lives, inevitably, life will throw a curve ball. What can we do in these situations? Sometimes we physically cannot do anything, all we can do is change our mindset, and learn something from it. I recently went through a tragic event with my father, as he got into a work accident. It was an early summer morning as I have just woken up and was chilling in my bed, as my friend whom I haven’t talked to in a while texted me and my phone read “call me, your dad got into a work accident”. I was in complete shock, as I knew my dad as a strong, confident, independent man that knew how to care for himself. Anyways wrapping up this long story, my dad and family in general were EXTREMELY blessed, as this accident could have costed my father his life, but now – a month later, he is at home and well, just recovering from a 10ft fall with broken ribs and non-stop jokes throughout the day. What an eventful rollercoaster this was. I won’t go into detail about the whole story, but what is important now is the outcome – that he is alive and healthy and his true self.


What I wanted to discuss was the PROCESS of this situation and how it was an experience that I will obviously not forget, and have an will continue to analyze throughout life. I won’t go into detail about my relationship with my father but over the years it has progressed and this has strengthened our relationship and also made me realize as much as I looked up to my father as a strong solid person he too himself is human and does not always have the power to control life’s curve balls. I learned  that no matter who a person is and what their personal beliefs are, it is not possible to change them nor is it right to inflict different beliefs on others. Not only this, I learned that loving someone for who they are is the best thing and one of the best ways to show that you love them. Although a person is not who you thought they were wether it is your  friend, mom or grandma, you have to give them their own space because everyone’s own personal experiences shape who they are, and they deserve the respect of others listening to them and their beliefs, without inflicting different ideas and fighting back to their beliefs. I learned that living in the moment and appreciating time with anyone is important, no matter if you agree with their statements or not. Life is about being unique and differences between others and ideas of others should be appreciated, because life is all about learning and acceptance. As painful as this entire situation was – I believe it was for the best, for everyone who loves my dad and for himself, as we all learned something and  that in life we just have to accept the things that happen to ourselves and our loved ones, because these are all signs, signs for improvements, change, a different way of thinking, or just to show how fragile life is and how much we need to appreciate every little moment. I don’t want to end on a sappy note so lets all just change our mindsets and be more accepting of situations and figure out how we can look at the positive side of things and from that improve our thoughts and every day actions to create a positive atmosphere to the people around us.

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