You are WHO you surround yourself with. This also goes with WHAT you surround yourself with. Do you ever feel like you’re in a stump and nothing is going your way, and there’s nothing you  can do about it – leaving you feeling helpless?

The good news is – there is no negative and positive, it is all how you choose to think about a situation. If you truly are in a slump small changes in your surroundings can help by giving you a space to breath, and process all your thoughts. Your surroundings are extremely important in affecting your mood. Sitting in a room that is dark, messy with clothes everywhere and papers and books thrown all over your desk will inevitably leave you feeling a mess and unable to control your tasks. Below are simple ways that will aid in the start of the process of making yourself feel organized.


  1. Clean your room. Nothing better than having a clean and organized atmosphere to make you feel more calm and at peace. Dust, vacuum and put everything where it belongs. Also make sure that your room is lit lightly and has a lot of bright colours, since this will help put you in a positive and bright mood. Make sure to wash everything to keep it smelling clean and fold your clothes and put them where they belong so that you feel in control of where to find certain things.
  2. Light a candle. Lighting a scented candle is great to bring a sense of warmness and a great calming scent to calm you down. Try, there are tons of different scents from warm scents of vanilla to beach tropical scents, in which you choose the atmosphere you want to feel.
  3. Decor. Room decor is something that is fun, and is also used to create a space in which you feel comfortable and share who you are to others. Room decor to stay keep calm is good if it is something that you personally appreciate and colours and styles you personally enjoy. With this, it is also important to have calm colours and decor to aid in the creation of a comfortable space. For example wall colours such as yellow, beige, grey or light blue, or any pastels are good to start with. These colours are calming but bright, it is important to have light in your room because it truly affects your mood. Keep furniture and wall decor minimal. Living in a minimalistic space is essential in feeling organized and calm. Have few paintings on walls and keep the furniture all the same colour. Hard wood floors are key to keeping the room clean and best for removing dust and dirt. A clean room is essential in maintaining inner peace and feeling content.


What are your favourite ways to keep and clean and organized space, that positively affects your mood? Leave a comment down below!

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