Coconut oil. Its the new craze, super hype product most beauty bloggers use and rave about. Well after using coconut oil for some time now, I can share with you how it works for me, and it really does work well. There are multiple ways you can incorporate coconut oil in your life, eat it, put it on your body and hair. It is a natural product and has multiple health benefits such as healthy fats and oils, promotes heart health, and is great for your skin. Below I will share what I use coconut oil for and ways in which it has helped me over time.


  1. ACNE TREATMENT: After doing a face mask and cleaning my skin, I dab on coconut oil on my acne spots, such as red spots or those areas in which my skin is prone to acne. Surprisingly not only does the coconut oil moisturize my skin in dry areas, but it seems to act as a toner in areas where my pores are visible and reduces inflammation in areas of acne.
  2. MOISTURIZER FOR BODY: After a shower, skip the moisturizer thats full of chemicals and use the natural coconut oil. It will heal your dry skin.
  3. HAIR MASK: Use this in the shower after shampooing, leave it in for 5 mins and then wash it out. It will leave your hair smoother and fuller.
  4. MAKEUP REMOVER: Coconut oil is great to clean your full face of makeup.
  5. LIP BALM: Works wonderful in moisturizing dry lips.

What do you use coconut oil for?



Hopetoun_fallsHello everyone. Clearly I have been gone for a long time. I took this semester of university off, as I had burn out and adrenal fatigue. Bring a University student, being in a relationship and having a part-time job on the side, taking care of my health and prioritizing it was not first on my list for a long time. I always focused on doing everything I can and living life to the fullest! As most would say. Being young is fun and there are so many opportunities that saying no is just so hard to do. But that all came crashing down on me and I got a harsh reality check. I quickly learned that self care is the number one priority, because without it, where will we have energy to do the things that we love to do?  I will not exhaust this post with why and how all this has happened, but over the years of stressful situations in my academic and personal life, I was forced to come to a halt, as mentally and physically, I did not have the energy to continue on my day to day routine – as much as I wanted to. For more information on burn out and adrenal fatigue – you can find some articles online or youtube videos. But as much as I love fashion I realized that health comes first and if your body is not in balance, physically, mentally and emotionally, you cannot have the energy and power to bring yourself to do the things that you love everyday. Over the last 3 months, I had a lot of time to focus on myself and rest. I had a lot of time to think, and I will share with you all some things I did that helped me get my health back and feel back to my normal self. I am still not 100% there, but slowly, with patience, I can feel that I am progressing. Here are some simple self care tips that you can try that will for sure help you in your healing process of burn out or chronic fatigue.


  1. SLEEP – Go to sleep every night before no later than 10pm. Sleep in a clean, dark room, and ensure that the room temperature is just right. Turn off or remove all electronics from your room.
  2. DIET – HEALTHY fats are fantastic for your stress hormones and for your overall health. Eat nuts, avocados, coconut oil, butter, eggs and chicken. Lots of vegetables are also key in healing the body, as they consist of multiple vitamins and minerals that most processed foods do not have. Fruits are good as well, but overdoing it can be bad as they contain high amounts of sugar, therefore creating more stress to the body.
  3. TAKE EPSOM SALT BATH – baths are key in cleaning your body from toxins and they are great for the skin
  4. HYDRATION – Our bodies are made up of 70% water, so it’s essential to hydrate. I like to drink a cup of warm tea with lemon and honey in the morning as the lemon and honey are also beneficial to our bodies. Drinking milk or almond milk is also a good choice if you’re sick of drinking plain old water.
  5. CUT OUT STIMULANTS – Caffeine and sugar are the culprits; especially as a student. These are stimulants that may feel like they are best option in the moment, but in the long run they will cause your blood sugar to crash and exhaust you even more.
  6. MEDITATION – Meditation can be hard and  there’s no one way to do it. Spend at least an hour a day letting go of social media, turning off all electronics and stepping outside. Even just sitting outside on your porch with a good book can help, or even just going for a nice 15 minute walk can do wonders.

Overall these are just some simple tips to help you disconnect and refuel your body. Doing this in the long term will help you feel much better. Hope this helps let me know what your favourite self care ideas are below..



Winter Wonderland – Look for less

Winter time – we all love it. This time of year calls for celebration, meeting up with old friends and loved ones, and eating lots of food! It also calls for winter fashion. This season for me has not been to great – as I have come down with the cold and flu. But I had the chance to have some fun and dress up. This season I loved neutral tones and fur vests/coats. They are cheap and easy to find at any thrift shop.


Look 1:

Simple fur coat with blue jeans and a basic tee under. Makeup: red lips and black winged eyeliner. My friend and I took some photos by a frozen lake by the snow and wore cozy yet classy outfits. The blue jeans are from Hollister – 27$, coat from thrift shop – 15$ Basic brown top – Forever 21, and light brown boots – Aldo – 50$




Look 2:


On a night out, when it was quite cold outside, I pulled off this professional yet fun look. A gold choker, black body con dress and nude pink blazer; blazer and dress are from Forever 21, choker from Aldo.




Although I did not do much this break, it was good to relax, eat and see some friends. Hope you all had a merry Christmas and spent quality time with loved ones!





BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION – Misguided X Kylie Lipgloss


This weekend was a great time to celebrate my birthday! I had a fun house party with food, drinks and lots of dancing! Just wanted to share what I thought about Kylie Jenner’s Lipgloss “So cute” as I wore it to my birthday. I have fallen head over heels for her lipgloss as it lasts long, gives a full coverage matte look, and is not sticky.


My off the shoulder red top is from Missguided, as is the sparkly diamond choker. I loved the look as it was very classy and sparkly and made for a good outfit for my champagne birthday!



Fall Wedding – Simple Makeup, Hair, Dress

Fall is the season for weddings and love. Nothing like a Saturday evening spent with friends eating, drinking and dancing, and celebrating love. This weekend I have attended a beautiful cocktail wedding, and spent time with good people. Below I will show you my hair, make-up and dress that I wore as a bridesmaid, purchased from David’s Bridal.



For my hair I used a flat iron to curl it, then pinned it to one side to get a chic but formal look. I used some Got 2 b hairspray to keep it all together, and it took about 10 mins to complete. Depending on how thick your hair is it may take longer to curl, but this hair style is simple for most girls with medium length hair. 14302976_1254781571239517_1670387653_n


Make- up

For makeup I did my basic everyday makeup and added a darker brown colour in the crease of my eyelids. Mascara, eyeliner, and bronzer were all used in this look. You can read about my night out makeup look on my older blog posts. The lipgloss I used was by Tarte Butter Lipstick – can be found at Sephora. My jewellery is a Swarovski necklace and stud diamond earrings. Kept it simple.






The dress I wore is stunning dark purple maxi dress, purchased from David’s Bridal. It is long so I can sneak in wearing sandals rather than heels and be comfortable!


Overall the night was fun full of dancing and laughing. Had a  great time and hope this look inspired some of you ladies!





VACATION VIBES – Resort Looks of the Week

Hello all ! I am back from my adventurous one week vacay in tropical Cuba! I had a blast and had fun with outfits as well. I will share some of my outfits from this week. This trip was much needed and I had alot of time to enjoy the salt water and express my style as well. Hope you all enjoy some of the outfits and let me know what you think of them.

Here are some simple and cute outfits that you can war on vacation and look good while being comfortable!


Bright Pink:


I am obsessed w it the off the shoulder hot pink top from Fashionnova.

It is super flowy and fun to wear. I wore white shorts with this outfit to give it a more fun and flirty look. Th gold choker is from Aldo and gives the outfit an edge of classiness and sophistication as well as sparkle to the look.



You can’t go wrong with a simple black and whites. The first outfit on the left consists of a white crop top from TopShop, denim skirt from forever 21 and sandals from The Bay. The black velvet choker is also from TopShop and gives the outfit a more sophisticated look. I enjoy this outfit since it brings back some of the 90’s with the denim and choker. It is also very comfortable as my heels are low and the skirt is not as tight as a pencil skirt and gives room to move in!!


To the right my outfit is a black satin frilly tank top from Forever 21 and white cut off shorts from Guess. My strappy heels are from Aldo. This outfit is fun and casual but also somewhat formal with the heels and the satin texture of the top.

Your True Self

Hey everyone! Happy almost Friday. I want to make this post, and no it is not beauty or fashion related, but it got me thinking and I feel like I should share because we all go through this. As cliche as it sounds most of us are struggling to find out who we are, what we love, what our passion is. We spend time thinking and trying new things, only to see that its not for us. The things that we do love, we do, but don’t think of it as something great. We think of it as a side thing to do, something to keep us busy and an escape from reality, and we don’t put as much effort and thought into it as we do in the things that we think we “should” be doing as told by society.



I realized that in life yes you do need to accept that society has some things that you are not willing to do, but you have the power to do what you love and try your best to make it a large part of your life rather than something on the side that keeps you busy from reality. We are all so unique and different, and by sharing our creativity and our passion for things (even if it is something small), we don’t know who we are inspiring and we don’t know where it will take us.

Fear is a large part of this journey. Fear of failure, of the unknown, of criticism. Sometimes we have to stop, look around us and realize that life is happening NOW. We can’t anticipate the future and tell ourselves “I’ll do it tomorrow”, “I’ll do it when I have more time”, we have to do it NOW. Do what you love NOW. This will help you grow and make you feel better. Doing that one thing you love NOW will make your day better, it will give you that shred of hope, and if it is worked on everyday longer and longer, you don’t know where it will take you. Success has many forms, success does not mean wealth and status. Think about success and think about what it means to YOU. Think of how you can incorporate it into your daily routine to make you feel like you’re ALIVE. Don’t think of the consequences, don’t think of what others will think, do you, do what makes you feel alive, because as long as you’re happy on the inside, everyone around you will feel that energy and be happy for you. Life is about growth and challenging yourself to become better day by day.


What do you do to stay positive and make sure you’re contributing and sharing  your talents with others?